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Hello there and welcome to Jerk Dolls: the best website on the Internet for horny gamers who enjoy prostitute themed games. I suppose I should mention more generally that we're pretty well equipped to service your shaft regardless of your particular preference of poison: especially since we're giving you access to our complete library of games completely free of charge. That's right – you can play all of our titles without needing to pay a single penny to us.

We made this decision early on because we realized that so few people like to pay for games before they play them. Following in the footsteps of the likes of League of Legends and Path of Exile, we hope to show the world that it's actually quite easy to create a good cache of games without charging for them. Free to play is the way of the future – especially in the adult space where this stuff is incredibly important to get right. We'd be honored and privileged for you to join our ranks: so why not create an account and see all of our brother sex gaming options for yourself? Suffice to say that you're going to be shooting off ropes of hot, sticky cum in next to no time at all!

When we create our games themed around escorts and prostitutes, they really do hit differently. Extensive research of the competition has put us on a road of offering pure perfection without the need of compromise. We're backed by a big studio and they're betting on the future of adult gaming being pretty damn big. So you've literally never had a better opportunity or time to join the world of great XXX fun – create an account now and see for yourself how Jerk Dolls does it differently! We look forward to providing you with brothel games for many years to come!

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A Hot Erotic Guide

Alongside all of the games that we offer, Jerk Dolls is also offering guides to help you through the experience. Our games can be difficult to understand at times – especially when you're horny as fuck and only have one hand to work with! Most of the games in our database that require them have a Wiki entry, that we – alongside the community – keep constantly up to date so that you never feel like you're stuck on a particular spot in the games we have to offer. More often than not, these access tools are utilized to fix your issues with the very difficult parts of everything we have to offer.

Jerk Dolls also has some general tips and guides on how to complete the game and explore all of the options we have available. You'd be surprised at just how hard some of them can be – don't worry, we'll make sure you get to fuck all of the sluts at the local whore house if that's what you desire! We also have an official forum area that's great for chatting to others about your experiences and getting advice on how to progress. Jerk Dolls has a great community – exploit it!

As we look toward the future of our collection of free hooker games, we're excited about all of the various choices we have available to us. You'd be amazed at just how interesting the world of adult entertainment can be if your put your mind on the right stuff. Jerk Dolls has always maintained itself as the go-to spot for gamers who know what they need to get. We offer better than the rest and that's very much clear when you play the brothel options we've got. Be sure to explore though – there are plenty of other great titles across a multitude of niches that'll make you jizz time and time again!

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

World-Class Graphics

Jerk Dolls has worked overtime these last few years to create the very best graphical environment we can for the fans. We do things a hell of a lot differently than the other studios, mainly because our brothel-themed games are all supercharged in the visuals department. While the developers of yesteryear were cucked by the fact that Flash was their only development option, we're happy to be able to report that Jerk Dolls uses the WebGL engine to provide unrivalled graphics that you won't find anywhere else in an adult project.

It's actually quite interesting just how far ahead we are compared to the other developers of escort XXX titles: our games are simply leaps and bounds in comparison. We're very much interested in keeping our position in this space too: no need to transfer the power to another developer if we can keep you interested with our stunning visuals, right? Rest assured that if you want a Cyberpunk 2077 graphical experience – but with a hell of a lot more sex – that's something we can easily provide you with on Jerk Dolls. Sign up with your account details now and see just how different things are – we're killing it in this game!

In the interests of making Jerk Dolls as accessible as possible to the wider gaming community, we've made an engine that has an adaptive quality feature built-in: this basically means that you'll be able to play our games regardless of how good your machine is. For the very high-end guys, the games will look absolutely incredible and run smooth as silk. If you've got something a little more dated, Jerk Dolls provides you with a still gorgeous looking collection of games, but they'll scale back some assets and features to keep the framerate high and the renderings sexy. Put simply, regardless of what you're using to connect to our brothel games, you're going to have a great time.

Most Popular Characters Being Played

Control The Empire!

You start off in a seedy city that's known for its pimps, whores, guns and drugs: what more could you ask for? After losing all of your money on an investment that went south, you've decided that it's in your best interests to instead focus on the world that surrounds you. This begins with some light taxi work with the best prostitutes in the local area, but you soon end up pimping out some bitches to get that cash yield up.

With your excess money, you can hire more girls, make your business destination more attractive or spoil your escorts with some gifts – upping the chances that they're going to work more hours and never leave you! You can also decide to deviate into the drug game, which will help you amp up these whores so that they're fucking the local dudes so damn good it becomes a daily affair for many of the punters. The choice is yours in this town – play your cards right and you'll soon become the biggest pimp in the game!

Just watch out for those who want to bring you down though: turns out that when you play the pimp game, you turn quite a few heads and people will do whatever they can to bring you down. Like what you see here? Well – that's just one of the plots for the dozens of brothel-themed titles that we have. Games with escorts and the like are incredibly enjoyable – especially when you've got things to manage and plenty of holes to fill! Jerk Dolls is always excited coming up with new and enjoyable ideas for our collection of titles – make sure you create an account and come play for yourself. You'd be amazed at how enjoyable we can make escort titles when we put our minds to it!

Screenshots From Inside The Game

Unrivaled Graphics

The games inside Jerk Dolls look stunning: we have the best porn graphics engine in the entire game!

A Community Approach

Keeping the community happy here at Jerk Dolls is one of our biggest priorities, that's why we'll do whatever we can to put a smile on your face and provide you with access to sexy gaming delights the likes of which you've never seen before – especially for our hooker games! Feedback is incredibly important to us, which is why we allow the gamers themselves to guide our development strategies and so on.

Put simply, the more details you give us about what you like and dislike, the better your experience here on Jerk Dolls is going to be. The official forums are a great way to let us know what you think about everything and essentially share with us your vision of a great sex game. Most folks just give us positive responses, but the negative ones are arguably more valuable – knowing what we're doing wrong is very important for the future of the project! Jerk Dolls isn't in this game to deliver sub-par brothel games to people who only want the best of the best.

Alongside the official forums, Jerk Dolls also has a very active Discord server, which really allows you to dig into the experience with other games who might be able to offer you advice, share tips and tricks or just generally talk shop about the games we have to offer. This is also a great place to share sex stories, images and short clips. You can also reach out to the developers directly through the Discord server if you so desire: they regularly share news, ideas and teasers for what's coming up in our exclusive community.

To be honest, as much as I would like to write about Jerk Dolls and how great we have for the next two days – it's probably time for you to just create an account and see it all for yourself. Thanks for reading and may your next prostitute-fueled gaming jerk session be the hottest one yet!

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