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Let Me Be Your Naughty Sex Slave

One of the sexiest things ever is the willing nature of a hot slut that wants to be your slave. Her wish is to do whatever you wish. Her wants are whatever your wants are. It’s like having a sex genie to do your bidding. It’s not even going to be just reserved for sexual acts. You’ve always wanted a babe to rest your feet on while you sit back, the supple arch of her back fits the heels of your feet perfectly. As you rest your feet on your slave the curve of her ass starts to get you excited.

You know she inserted that pretty butt plug you gave her earlier. That ass must be starting to gape nicely. Since you can’t stop looking at it, you decide it’s time for her to lay across your lap face down. Your slave dutifully lays across your lap, and you tell her it’s time for a spanking, because your hands need to be warmed up. Her perky breasts quiver against your knee as she whimpers, and makes a little petulant cry out as you give her the first tap to left butt cheek.

The butt plug jumps up and down as you spank her ass, and you even give the plug a few taps as your slave whimpers and moans. Then your hands are nice and warm and you tell your slave it’s time for her to put on a that little French maid outfit you bought for her and clean up the living room. Surprised that you didn’t fuck her, she looks disappointed, but you remind your slave girl that she needs to earn your cock, especially if she wants it in her ass, and that doing what you tell her to will get her there. There’s always a fun lesson to teach when you have a will slave at your feet.

Pussy Gets Brutally Punished

This dirty slave slut is going to take the punishment anyway she can get it, because all she wants is to do what she’s told.

Whip Me, Beat Me, Fuck Me Sideways

Learning the proper techniques for handling a whip is very important if you’re going to be a master to your consensual sex slaves. Yes, an important word is in there, and that’s consensual. There are plenty of fun lifestyle agreements that people want to be part of, and some of those include being a willing slave for somebody. If you’re going to get into that kind of sexy relationship, then you need to make sure you learn the skills to go along with it. If you have sexy slaves to do your bidding, then you need to make sure you’re prepared to treat them like the dirty slaves they are.

It’s your duty as their master to dole out punishments, chores, and make sure they follow your every command when engaging in a wide variety of situations. When erotic slavery comes into play in your dynamic, then knowing how to wield the different pain/pleasure instruments is also going to be quintessential for you to up your game. When you leave marks, you want them to be the kinds of marks you meant to leave, and any pain your causing needs to be intentional. These are important things to keep in mind in your consensual slave dynamics.

Using implements like a dragon tail can cause the kind of pain your looking for, but can break skin, and having a first aid kit for aftercare is going to be important. Going into this kind of dynamic can be extremely exciting, but always make sure the ground rules are clear, that safe words are in place, and that even the boundaries for your slave are clearly defined ahead of time. A free-for-all dynamic sounds like a fun idea to start, but can end in tears, and not the good kind that your slave wants to earn.

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

I’ll Do Absolutely Anything For Cum…

You’ve drawn some good lines, and set down the clear parameters for how your sex slaves are going to behave when you have some guests over. They will be serving drinks in nothing but high heels, and some Mardi Gras masks. Your guests that night will be some other hot ladies and a few men that love to get kinky with as many partners as possible. Everyone takes notice of your sexy slave girls, Tammy and Sammy, and as the night loosens up, and clothing starts to strip off your guests, you realize your slave girls have disappeared somewhere.

Wandering around you find them in a room both sucking the cocks of two of your guests. These naughty slave girls started having fun before they were supposed to. You know they both have a desperate love of cum in their mouths, but they did disobey your commands. It’s time for them to be punished, so you tell your guests to go and find other partners while both of your sluts have to lay on the bed and open their mouths. You begin to deep-throat each of them, which they love, and you tell them to masturbate while you fuck their mouths.

They even get some pussy spanking while you stick your cock down their throats, which just elicits even more pleasured moans. Tammy and Sammy think you’ve forgiven them for started to suck cock before they were supposed to. Both of them seem confident that they’ve gotten out of punishment and start giving each other knowing looks. The reward of your cum in their mouths is what they live for, and it looks like they’re going to get it. Right before you cum you pull out and turn away, cumming all over the floor instead. You taught them a valuable lesson, got your rocks off, and they were punished.

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Master Me While I Masturbate

Just because you have a willing sex slave, doesn’t mean you always want to have sex. Sometimes you want them to parade around in front of you naked, maybe doing chores around the house, or making you dinner. There can be part of the dynamic, like any relationship, where it can just be nights of cuddling and watching movies. Just because this person is your sex slave, doesn’t mean you can’t also have a loving dynamic with them. You can leave the dialogue open between you so they can express needs to you at times as well, and build the bond between the both of you into something even stronger. When you’re looking for this to be a part of your relationship with your sex slave, make sure to clearly communicate it.

This doesn’t mean you won’t spend plenty of time dominating them, but you can also have the girlfriend or boyfriend experience with them. It can even range into the dynamics of when you’re not really feeling up for sex, but know that your slave has been especially horny lately. How do you know this other than your sex slave just trying to throw themselves at you? Which would annoy most master’s in their dynamics. You set up a system of gentle codes, for your slave to leave you around the house so that you know things they’d like, without them imposing upon you.

Even if you aren’t up for sex, life sometimes can be overwhelming at times, and leave us feeling a little less than sexy. Your sex slave can still get the satisfaction that’s expected out of your dynamic, and you can just give commands. Get them to take their clothes off while you sit in a chair, and then start to touch themselves wherever you tell them to. Every movement is loving gifted by you, as you dictate their masturbation towards a beautiful climax. A moment where everyone wins, and you didn’t have to do anything you didn’t want to.

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Handcuff Your Slave & Take Control

Every command is their utmost desire, as these slave babes take the kind of extreme hardcore dicking that only the most obedient slave can take.

I’m Limited Only By Your Commands

You’ve seen plenty of porn where there’s a master and slave dynamic. It’s sexy and fun, with a whole lot of hardcore action going on. Slutty slave girls, or guys, are having every hole fucked as they’re tied up, beaten, down on their knees, or bent over a surface. Every command is listened to with the greatest need to please, or otherwise the punishment will be severe. Nipple clamps are put in place, electrodes are maybe attached to other parts of their bodies, or just some great restraints are used.

All of these implements could be set up as punishment, or maybe the punishment is the denial of sex once they’re restrained. This fun and exciting sexy dynamic always looks like an incredible time that you’d like to be a part of, but you’re not really sure how to find that for yourself. It can be a little intimidating to try and find the right partners to establish that dynamic. A good place to start would be trying out some of the JerkDolls slave games.

You can build your gaming relationship with sexy slaves that you’ve built out a bit to fit your specific needs, along with the character that will portray you in all of the kinky scenes you’ll be playing out. It’s going to be the sexiest game you’ve ever played because the world around you, be it a dungeon, or a spaceship, is one of your own choosing. The world of sex has opened up with adult entertainment type games. This will be a healthy introduction for you to play out the slave/master relationship, and explore what excites you the most about the dynamic itself. Videogames as learning tools in the realms of sexual exploration? That’s right, it’s here, and waiting for you to get in there and learn how to dominate with prowess!

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