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Jerk Dolls knew early on that Flash would eventually come to an end – that's why we decided it would be a good idea to look for new technologies that didn't involve that outdated programming focus. As a result, we were largely unaffected by the lack of support for Flash that a lot of browsers are now enforcing. It's old, it's smelling and it really doesn't allow you to create the best looking games: so why is it still around?

Well, for a lot of folks, there are plenty of games that they can no longer access, no matter how hard they try in order to find ported versions which are actually convenient and simple to use. While it's fine saying that Flash isn't that good and could have security issues – well, what is a porn gaming addict to do? Just sit around and jerk off to a pop-up that tells him Flash is no longer supported? Of course not!

That's why the team has decided that it would be in our best interests to go and hunt for the best of the best in the Flash gaming world and port them over so you can continue to play them from now until the end of time. It hasn't been an easy process – especially since so many of these titles are coded pretty poorly – but the ones we're able to save are presented inside Jerk Dolls for you to enjoy completely free of charge. It's our little contribution to the world of adult gaming and we're happy to be a part of the evolution that's going to occur over the coming years and decades. We can't promise what porn gaming will look like in 2050: we just know that some Flash games will still be there because we'll make them available!

Free Flash Game Ports Available!

Take a trip down memory lane with a little look at games from a past period.

Why Did Flash Games Die?

The major reason why Flash fell off was mainly because it wasn't that good of a programming language and while it worked fine in the early 2000s, it simply wasn't able to stand up to modern demands and yeah – that meant that something completely new had to take its place. HTML5 was a brilliant alternative in the video space and the Unity Engine has helped a hell of a lot of game producers get their ideas out there for the masses to digest and enjoy.

Jerk Dolls wants to stress that absolutely none of our titles run on Flash – you won't need that technology inside to play any of the games that we have to offer! Even the ones that do run on Flash historically will be available to you in a modern WebGL alternative: this is a curtesy that we're doing and also a way for you to continue playing a lot of games that browsers might give you grief for over the coming years if you try to load them up the way that you used to.

In this day and age, you need to adapt or die: this is partly why we've taken it upon ourselves to strike while the iron is hot and port over a lot of games that you've probably played before but on the old and outdated Flash platform. Suffice to say that the team here at Jerk Dolls is incredibly proud of our history building: we like to think of ourselves as a library of games through the ages and with these backed up titles, you'll have no issues reliving a lot of memories that you probably have from being a horny teenager. We do think it's time for the world to finally give up Flash though: so disable that piece of junk and never look back with our incredible ports!

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Jerk Dolls And Ports: The Method

While it's probably a bit too boring to sit here and detail exactly how we ported over your most loved Flash games, I do want to make it clear that we've got extensive offerings across a wide array of releases that you're going to love. We ported the most loved – regardless of whether or not they were lesbian, interracial, gangbang or hentai themed. For a lot of the titles we offer, they've been ported both true to their original form and, in some cases, with an enhanced edition that we think a lot of you are going to love. Part of the benefit of having an incredible artist team is the fact that we can upscale a lot of content so that it looks absolutely terrific on modern machines.

A lot of the early Flash games in the porn niche really struggled to live up to expectations: we're not making sure that they can be just as visually stunning as they ought to be. It's a lengthy process, but the end result is fantastic: just take a look at the few samples we've got here on this preview page so you can see the steps we've gone to in order to preserve this genre and everything associated with it. We mean business and in more ways than one: our Flash gaming ports show that!

While some people might have wanted us to also provide gameplay updates and that type of thing, we've kept the titles true to their original purpose and except in rare circumstances, have kept everything the same (except for visually). This is done for the sole purpose of keeping the spirit of the genre alive: Flash games were never meant to be epic adventures that took you many years to complete. They're quick and dirty games that assist you with jerking off – nothing more, nothing less. Who else remembers going to Newgrounds and searching the adult section for a project that would make them fire off ropes of sticky cum? Come on, don't be shy!

Most Popular Characters Being Played

The Future Of Flash

We think it's safe to say that pretty much no serious developer is currently working with Flash: except those that are probably too old to care about transitioning to a better and superior construction system. Part of the issue with Flash being phased out is that a number of folks will simply forget how the language operates and second to that, will be unable to fix things and make changes going forward. The good news with Jerk Dolls is that we've got two full-time employees that we'll keep on the roster who regularly work with our Flash archives to keep them fresh and up to date on the language.

This way, we can ensure that the ported database of titles we have is something unlike anyone has ever seen before! We're going to go overboard in this regard and port as many titles as possible so that we preserve the Internet for future generations. People might look back in 50 years and think "wow, that was some pretty fucking strange porn gaming that they had going on!": we're inclined to agree in retrospect, because Flash games were crude and average at the best of times.

Still, they ought to be preserved so that all the horny gamers out there can get that nostalgic jerk off whenever they want it. Who are we to infringe upon their ability to stroke their snake over a genre and niche they've adored for years on end? Maybe one day, the WebGL collection of games you're likely to find these days will also have to be ported into a more modern process that makes adult gaming even better! Who knows what the future holds? All we can do is sit around and wait for the best to come upon us. Here's to the future and whatever it brings to the wonderful world of porn gaming!

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Send Us Your Old Flash Games!

We're always looking to port old Flash games. Email us your files and we'll convert them!

Custom Port Availability

Are you currently in possession of a game designed for Flash that you'd like to get a more modern and up-to-date variety of? Well, no issues – we're going to assist you in this regard! The team at Jerk Dolls is currently providing folks with a completely free porting service, even if we don't end up adding your game to our collection. We only really want the best right now, but we will keep a copy on hand just in case someone in the future wants it, or we end up releasing a database with thousands of different games based around Flash!

Please be aware that the process of porting can take quite some time and on top of that, we're not going to be able to guarantee that we'll get to your project with any specific speed. Just send us the files you've got via email and let us do the rest – just be prepared to wait for a bit!

As for the database we're maintaining: Jerk Dolls currently has its public facing collection of Flash game porn ports that you can enjoy, but we'll also offer a huge downloadable file in the near future if you want to try out all the bargain bin projects we decided to bring over.

Some of these are going to be pretty shitty and below our standards, but that's just the roll of the dice that you decide to make, right? Anyway: we're thrilled to be able to offer our services as an alternative to Flash databases since they're not so great any more. Be sure to sign up and see if you can find your favorite Flash XXX releases inside – we've got so many for you to sift through!

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