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An Adult Space Age

As the human race gets closer and closer to exploring the galaxy, our desires for space-themed sexual activities has really increased. Today, Jerk Dolls is proud to offer all Earthlings the ability to enjoy world-class adult entertainment with a super galactic theme. That's right: everything contained within our space category is primed to make you cum time and time again. Forget about heading to the wank museum folks: ideas of the past ought to stay back there. We're taking things to the next level and showing everyone that if you want to create great games, doing it via a space theme is a good way to do exactly that.

Are you interested in the mystery and allure? Are you confident that we'll be able to conquer the solar system and prove the superiority of human cock? Well – if that's the case, chances are you're going to be quite happy with what you find inside the database of Jerk Dolls. We're always looking to give more gamers access to the type of media that they want, so continue reading and I'll give you the juicy details on what makes us so damn great when it comes to this type of content development.

Jerk Dolls isn't just here for a good time: we're here for a long time. We believe that so long as we have liberty, creating great games will be a walk in the park. Don't believe us? Well, all you have to do is take a quick look around the member's area and see for yourself that we take the creation of space-themed erotic games incredibly seriously. Others might be napping on the niche, but when you hit the vacuum of space, your cock will feel incredible! Now, let's get you sorted for zero-G jerking and the destruction of alien ass: just make sure you bring your suit – it gets crazy out there!

Fantastic Space Games

Set in space and ready to make you cum: our galaxy-bending titles are so hot! Play right now.

Graphical Superiority At JD

When push comes to shove, it makes a lot of sense to gloat about what makes your platform so damn great. In the case of Jerk Dolls, it's apparent to anyone who signs up that what causes our success over the other places is the simple fact that we deliver the cream of the crop when it comes to graphical bliss. A quick look at the samples here ought to show you that we're leaps and bounds ahead of the competition when it comes to creating releases that look fantastic.

We've spent thousands of hours and a hell of a lot of money to get our engine looking right – adapting it for the needs of our project was no easy task, but the results speak for themselves. Seriously: ask yourself when it was that you last saw something as fantastic as what Jerk Dolls has is. We've done extensive research of the other platforms out there and know that we're offering the best of the best when it comes to adult gaming. Chances are that the other producers out there will switch to our ideas soon enough, but with the first mover advantage and a heap of archived material, we think we'll always be on top!

What goes into the secret sauce to make our games look so fantastic? We planned ahead: something that's quite hard to do in this industry. See, Jerk Dolls was never supposed to be a hobby or anything like that – its destiny from the beginning was to offer gamers access to an insane collection of gorgeous games that ought to make them shoot ropes time and time again. That always started with an analysis of the graphics, so you can see how things managed to get to where they are right now.

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Access For Everyone

Feel like playing some of the space games we've got? Enjoy the idea of fucking an alien, or just getting down and dirty with a human in zero-G? Well, the great news is that you're around 60 seconds from being able to do exactly that! What's even better is that Jerk Dolls makes it so that anyone who wants to enjoy our space games is capable of doing exactly that, regardless of what device they find themselves on. Currently, Jerk Dolls has a browser-based access system, meaning that you won't need to download any files locally in order to play what we have.

This means that so long as you connect to our services using Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera, you'll have no issues enjoying the full suites of titles that we have deposited in our database. It might sound simple to do this – it's actually pretty fucking difficult! It took us a decent chunk of time to get where we are, but now we're finally good and happy to present to the world our vision of how access to adult material should be: simple and enjoyable. This should apply to literally anyone who wants to enjoy XXX gaming and we're not going to stop until everyone is either a member here or the others have caught up!

Those keen-eyed gamers out there will probably realize that since access to our space games is done via the browser, this means that you can connect on Linux and Mac systems – literally zero issues! We also have a mobile access portal, with around 50% of our games being reasonably playable using your handheld device. Save progress is also synchronized in the cloud, so you won't have to worry about transitioning from one machine to another and losing all of your hard work. Yes – it really is just that simple thanks to the technology we've adopted!

Most Popular Characters Being Played

Fantastic Stories

Not everyone wants to play porn titles with a story and that's fine – however, we should stress that the best way to enjoy the full cache of Jerk Dolls' material is by taking it slow and understanding that we've got you covered in the plot sense. These games have a lot of interesting and fun ideas behind them – something you'll only be able to realize and understand if you decide to stick with us throughout the storytelling process!

Our developers have spent a long time making sure that the underlying themes of each space game is enjoyable and adds to the sexual arousal and tension that exists – you'd be missing out if you didn't take at least some level of interest in what's going on. If you really do just want to skip to the 3D rendered fucking, it might be an idea for you to check out the tube archive we have instead – there are thousands of videos here and they're all simulated pounding! There's even a decent quantity of space-located blender renders, which ought to satisfy your cravings for material in this specific niche.

Jerk Dolls loves a great story and we'll continue to create games with top plots if the gamers decide this is what they want! Alongside amazing plots, Jerk Dolls has also worked with some incredible people to create interesting and unique gaming concepts. Buckle up because baby – this isn't going to be your standard adventure! You're in space, remember? If things aren't weird in the first place, then that in and of itself would be pretty damn freaky. Alas, I must state that the best way to understand what's going on with our collection of sexy space games is by creating an account yourself and loading them up. We're really confident you'll love what's inside – give it a try and see if we manage to tickle your fancy!

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Free Access Forever

Would it perhaps sweeten the deal if I swore that access here was completely free of charge? You might think we're taking the piss, but you can literally come on inside to Jerk Dolls right now and you will not have to pay for the privilege of doing so! How can we afford to this? Well, simply because we've aligned our values with that of the gamers: content comes first and whatever else remains after that we can look at.

It takes a lot to balance everything out, but by taking the philosophy of mainstream games like Path of Exile and CS:GO, we're showing the world that you can stay afloat quite easily – even if you decide to give what it is you have away for free. Currently, the team supports itself with partnership deals across the board, advertising opportunities with various companies and yeah, plenty of other unique and interesting concepts that are bound to put a big smile on your face.

Please note that nothing inside Jerk Dolls is "pay to win", nor do we have time gated material: you'll be able to play the full collection of games we have without any annoying mechanics or things that require you to hand over cash. We're incredibly serious about maintaining our integrity here and believe that moving forward, we'll be able to show that free is the best choice you can make. Will other developers follow us in this domain and believe that they can do what we've managed? Fingers crossed – all Jerk Dolls wants to do is create stellar space games and make sure that everyone is fully pleasured with the sweet selection we've got. So, with that all in mind – are you ready to join the party? Create your free account right now and get on board – you know you want to!

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