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Furry Fucking & Even Teddy Bears…

So many claws, fangs, and pelts of fur all flying everywhere, with wild howling and hip grinding everywhere. The crazy sex beasts have all come together for a wild orgy unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. With the advent of the furry kink, and the anthropomorphizing of animal like creatures with human bodies, i.e. cartoons like The Thundercat’s, we have taken beasts of tooth and claw and made them into very fuckable human-like creatures. They have the same perky breasts of any hot female bodied human, tight asses, lush lips, and all the holes we love to stick cocks into.

There are so many drawn images of these furred hotties getting plowed by other creatures, and humans. People may try to put a taboo on this, but it’s just like a person in a furry or werewolf costume having sex with another person.

The fact that there’s any stigma to it is pretty ridiculous, especially when there are plenty of folks out there that fantasize about having sex with vampires, and vampires aren’t even living creatures.

Taking sexy furred bodies with fangs and claws and letting them loose on each other in a wild orgy of sex is something people dream of with regularity. At the end of the day, we’re all just animals looking to find that nice warm spot to slide into and cum.

Our bestial nature comes into play in how we interact with each other, and recognizing the primal side of our erotic nature, can lead to a healthier more fulfilling sex life. Unleash the wild side of your own furry creature and find a partner that wants to get primal with you. The sex that comes from this may leave you a bit marked up, but you’ll be panting and happy when it’s all done.

Horse Loves Dolls Anal

See this wild slut take the cock of wild things as they have a furry orgy with every hole that needs to be filled

Getting Down On All Fours

Giving her the business while she’s on all fours always has that incredible feel of wild dominance. Your inner animal nature takes over and the fucking becomes like a raging storm as your nails dig into your partner’s hips, and you thrust faster and harder.

The ass cheeks of the craven slut beneath you slap relentlessly slap against you as you drill her pussy over and over again. When you let the beast inside fly forth in the midst of passion your lust becomes uncontrollable. The cum crazed hottie you’re fucking starts howling along with, looking back over her shoulder and growling at you as you pull her back by her hair.

When the need arrives you bring your arms around her breasts and cradle her back into your chest as you continue to drill your cock home while you sink your teeth into her neck. This just makes your wild slut more excited, and she starts to buck her ass harder against you, wanting every single inch of you as far as possible. You can feel your blood rushing faster, as if you’re on the wild hunt chasing down a deer through the woods to finally leap through the trees and land upon it. The sex you’re having is a feast, and you can smell and taste every part of it while it’s happening.

All of your senses are engaged and on fire. The power you feel is that of the elements. Your heart pounds. Your blood sings. Every inch of you screams in pure wild joy, and then you both cum on each other in a frenzy. Your riled vixen lays on top of you as you both revel in the afterglow of such animalistic fucking. Together you were wild beasts roaming the woods, free to explore yourselves sexually.

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Giving It Like A Beast

There are so many different porn categories to choose from that sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming. You want something sexy, of course, and you want it to appeal to your particular desires. The run of the mill erotica bores you a bit, with it’s standard fucking. Even the BDSM scene doesn’t quite fit the needs of what you’re looking for. Whips and ropes are fun, but still just a bit too reserved. Hardcore porn is exciting in spurts, but that wears a little thin the longer you watch it.

What is it your looking for? You want to connect with something a bit more primal. The kind of fucking that feels like to wild animals that have been unleashed upon each other, but instead of fighting, all they want to do is fuck. The very purpose of the creatures before you is to do nothing but fuck until both of their bodies are convulsing with orgasms and they have to stop. This is the animal porn that will really get you going.

People just going buck wild on each other until the cum is flying everywhere and the world around them is a blur of sweat and cries. Cries for more. Cries for harder. Cries for never fucking stopping. The purity of the animal fucking will be ever present in these moments onscreen. Look into the bestial natured porn, where actors look like they want to get down on all fours and chase each other down, or veer towards the animated porn with anthropomorphic beasts that love to fuck.

All of those carnal acts will be at their most debauched ever. The animal needs what the animal needs, and it needs it now. You can’t deny the primal nature of our sexuality, and there’s porn out there to suit your primal needs.

Most Popular Characters Being Played

Running Wild On That Hot Ass

It’s a jungle out there, and that goes for the world of porn as well. With the creation of so many different types of porn, and the stunning advances in technology, the quality and variety of adult entertainment has vastly increased. Not everyone is capable of keeping up. Some of us want to have some porn with a bit simpler of a theme, but done really well. That kind of wild porn with a primal feel that won’t let you look away.

The animalistic nature of desire coming forwards with a ferocity that makes everyone get in touch with their baser self. You can’t stop that feeling once it starts. It’s the kind of change you see in werewolf movies, or other feral folklore. The movies you’ve been looking for exist. They run the gamut from real people to animated characters of all sorts. Type in animal when you look up a category search, or primal, and you’ll find access to a whole new world of erotica you’ve been looking for.

Ironically this will be the old-world kind of feel, since it’s sex in touch with its animal nature. The animal nature of any animated porn you watch will most likely remind you of some of the furry culture you’ve heard about, but the crossover is that they won’t look goofy at all.

The characters will be sleek and sexy representations of animals that are down for a wild time.

It’s not going to be the old school caveman fucks cavewoman kind of porn, and might even take place in a world that looks much like our own modern civilization. But the animal part will be real, and the hot action that ensues will show you who is the king of fucking the beasts. Get down with your animal self, and check out what’s in store for your primal libido.

Screenshots From Inside The Game

Sexy Rabbit Jerk Off

These furry creatures are going to make you beg for it until all you can see on the screen is giant mounds of cum

Going Deep Into The Woods

The wild run into the woods that never stops until you’re panting on the grassy and leaf strewn floor of an overgrown forest. The feel of nature everywhere within you and without. That sexy animal that wants to come out and feast and fuck, because it’s ravenous.

Trying the Jerkdoll animal games will give you the chance to get in touch with your personal sexy beast, and make them how you want to be perceived. Build out the kind of beast you want to see get up to some sexy business, and then create your feral partners. Big busty babes with fangs, claws, and bubble butts just waiting to gush with cum.

You won’t have to have just one partner to play with, and the setting can be somewhere wild, civilized, or futuristic. Maybe you’ll want to be the beast that fucks in the middle of the cityscape. You’re an escaped wild creation of some mad scientist combining the DNA of a hot muscled stud, and a ferocious tiger. As you run through the cityscape with your two hot cheetah babes, you find a park to run off into.

There a sexy threesome unfolds as these two furry sluts have just been waiting to jump your wild bones. One sits on your face and purrs into an orgasm, as the other licks at her ass and your balls, giving a duel sensation of pleasures with her rough tongue and the warm wet cunt.

You’re controlling the game, so your moves will intensify the action between you all, and what, or who, cums next will be up to your dirty mind and quick fingers. Don’t hesitate to get as crazy hardcore in the game as you want to. It’s a world built for you, by you, and waiting for you to come in and get-off.

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