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Hot Scary Gaming Action

Want to mix your love and passion for scary stuff with adult entertainment? Well, Jerk Dolls is going to do exactly that for you – plus add a little drop of gaming to the equation too! We're confident that you're going to see just how amazing we are after spending a little time inside: especially if you consider yourself to be a porn horror game fan. We've been working overtime this last 12 months to create some of the most enjoyable and erotic games the Internet has ever seen.

We're anxious to get them out there as quickly as possible too because boy, do we love having happy gamers that're going to jerk themselves silly over all of the gaming entertainment that awaits them. We're so passionate about creating these works that we're going to give you access this very instant! That's right, no messing around when it comes to the delights of our horror titles: just get inside and we're scare you shitless before you masturbate that cock of yours.

Jerk Dolls has always been in the business of creating fantastic games and to be perfectly honest with you, we have no plans at all to change that in the short term. Regular visitors here will tell you that we seriously love having the best of the best when it comes to erotic gaming action. Our skills in this domain are some of the best known to man – plus we've partnered with some talented designers and game creators so only the best folks are working on what it is we have to provide you. Sound like something you might be interested in? Then read on: I'll give you a full look at the ins and outs of Jerk Dolls! Things are about to get seriously interesting for any gamer who wants some scary XXX entertainment.

A Spooky Experience

We have some horror games and scary titles that'll make you scream and cum. The perfect combination!

The Best Graphics Ever

One thing we hear time and time again at Jerk Dolls is that our ability to create games with a terrific graphical focus is second to none. We've sacrificed a lot to get here, but it ought to go without saying that it was worth every single blood, sweat and tear that we produced. In this game, you can't have any rest – nor can you pretend for an instant that you don't have other spots out there nipping at your heels. To make this easier for you to understand, we've got to stress that the kings of this game are Jerk Dolls: we've educated ourselves to know what the masses want and in many cases, that's the best damn graphics known to man! What did we do as a result with this knowledge?

Well, we worked around the clock so that we could provide you with crazy visuals that'll make you cum time and time again. We're obsessed with giving the gamers what they want and if that means offering them XXX games with a horror focus, so be it! You're going to be scared, but that's part of what comes with beautiful graphics: it feels all too real! Just know that when it's all said and done, you'll also be able to jerk off, so that's a great little extra that a lot of places probably can't offer you.

Jerk Dolls is in a good location right now to take the Internet by storm with our commitment to scary porn releases. Our games are so enjoyable yes: they also look absolutely fantastic. We're not in the business of delivering nothing, so please – take a look at the collection we've got and you'll see just how what it is we have to offer is an instant classic. We don't want to blame other destinations for failing to deliver, but when we look at what everyone else is doing – they don't come close to Jerk Dolls, that's for sure!

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Free Scary Gaming Access

The scary games we've got inside Jerk Dolls are so good, and we're confident you're going to love them so much, that we'll give you access to them completely free of charge! That's right: you're going to be able to duck paying for anything here, merely because we think that the future of gaming online is going to involve people being able to enjoy what it is you have to offer without them breaking out the wallet. Just a quick little look at games in the mainstream arena will show you how easy it is to get burned. We hated the fact that titles such as No Man's Sky and Cyberpunk 2077 were able to initially exploit people with promises of stellar action and a bug-free gaming experience.

To try and combat this, we're giving away access and then monetizing ourselves through other methods. The problem with games that you pay for initially is that they have no incentive to actually keep updating their game: once they've got the cash, they can dip out immediately and leave you with the shit! It's a horrific situation and one that we don't want to put our gamers into. Thus, you're able to sign up here and play all of our scary games with an XXX twist totally free of charge.

Please note that unlike other spots, nothing you will find inside fits under the description of being 'pay to win'. We hate that concept and think that it's important for people to realize that you can still create a great studio without charging folks to just progress. Look at titles including League of Legends and CS:GO – no need to pay, but still do anyway because they give these titles thousands of hours every year. That's what we want Jerk Dolls to be like!

Most Popular Characters Being Played

Some Truly Scary Games

Look: I'm not saying that you're going to jump out of your seat and never return to Jerk Dolls again after playing one of our games for a few minutes, but I should stress that if you're a little worried about playing something that might make your heart skip a beat, stay well away from the Jerk Dolls scary database. We've really managed to nail this sector and believe that in comparison to all of the other adult-themed scary games, we're king of the hill. This runs both ways, too – not only are the titles sufficiently scary and crazy, but we've got some great sex thrown in too so you're able to cum!

At the end of the day, we produce porn titles, and that means that we're not going to destroy you and torture you with experiences that aren't likely to make you horny. It's imperative to us that we show you the way and give you the ability to enjoy our entertainment without you feeling like you're going to soil yourself. In short, put the poop sack away, you're not going to need it!

As for the sex: I hope that you enjoy a lot of hardcore fucking and sucking with ghosts and other supernatural beings. Wouldn't really nail the 'scary' niche if we didn't have you hitting up fantasy characters with your massive cock, right? I think you'd also be pleased to know that we have a Scooby Doo parody title that you could very well enjoy: that adds an element of comedy to the whole arrangement too, so let's just say that the fusion is very pleasant to experience and be a part of. Jerk Dolls will always want to give everyone the best scary games in the world! Even if that means throwing in some XXX entertainment for the boys.

Screenshots From Inside The Game

Regular New Updates

6 new games every 12 months in this category alone! Jerk Dolls always publishes great new games.

A Horrific Future

The team at Jerk Dolls has a future planned that's going to include a hell of a lot more games in this space. It's important for our development team that we know what you like and what's not so great – please make sure that you play the titles you love the most and give feedback as and when required! The official forums are a brilliant tool that you can utilize to give us your thoughts and feelings on your entire time here at Jerk Dolls. Not only do we want the positives, but it's useful for us to know the negatives too.

We're constantly trying to improve what it is we have and by talking to the gamers themselves, we'll have a good idea of what we need to do more of – and less of – to keep the punters in the member's area. The team also wants to pack as many features as possible into our member's area so that you can return whenever you want and have the gaming session of a lifetime. Can your cock handle it? We're looking forward to finding out, that's for sure!

If you're someone who loves community features at any of the horror game platforms he visits, please consider signing up to the official Discord server that we maintain and operate. It's a brilliant location to venture on over to: dozens of rooms to talk with other horny gamers about whatever it is you want! The developer team is also contactable here as well, so if you have any questions about your favorite horror title Jerk Dolls offers, feel free to ask.

I think that just about sums up the totality of what I wanted to discuss regarding Jerk Dolls. Are you ready to create an account and see for yourself just how epic things are inside here? See you on the other side!

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